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Network Cable Install

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Security Cameras

The need for security cameras is something we understand very well, whether you need it for the commercial or the industrial sector or if you need it for public places, our surveillance cameras system and our experience will sure meet or exceed your expectations

Access Control

Grant or restrict access to your employees, visitors or anyone with our access control system, we'll design it taylored to your needs. Use the available technology on finger prints, access cards or a number key pad to increase security and control, know who came in, when and much more

Structured Wiring

Computer/telephone network or voice and data, we'll have you covered. Our structured wiring projects are not done till we test every wire and connector and, in many cases we'll certify them. We only use high quality Honeywell Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7, regular or plenum wires

Fiber Optic

The rapid growing internet spped and the need to interconnect buildings and branches together via fiber optic cable brings FNC Services to the top of the game. Fiber optic cable is useful in a variety of applications. Data, voice and video all travel very effitiently through fiber optic conductors

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Since 1993

What Is Structured Wiring?

And how to choose the right cable

The multiple use of high speed internet and data transfer have been changing the category cable from Cat5 to Cat5e and now to Cat6 as well as Cat6A, visit our structured wiring page for a great explanation

We'll help you make a more informed decision and choose the right category cable for your data and telephone jacks

Regular or Plenum Cat5e or Cat6 learn the difference and why OSHA codes require plenum in some places and not in other places.

Structured Wiring Cat6

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Since 1993

Fiber Optic Conductors Installation

We have been installing fiber optics conductors in the private sector with great success, achieving the project's goals set by our customers all around Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

With the rapid growing of the industrial and commercial sector in Texas, grows the need for fiber optics connectivity.

Whether it needs to be an underground install, aerial or in-buildings, FNC services offers the right solution for you, reach out to us today and request a quote today.

At FNC Services we use the directional drilling method for fiber optic and other wires.
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