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Fiber Optic

Directional Driling

With directional drilling we are able to install conduits for fiber optic  and other cables in places that are already constructed, like from one building to another by going under a parking lot without having to cut a trench on the concrete floor, we can go under buildings lakes etc.

Fiber optics can deliver data, video, audio and more very efficiently.

Use Fiber Optics For...

The fiber optic conductors or cable are useful for a great variety of things, such as but not limited to Voice, Data, Video, Audio, Security Cameras and much more. One multiple pairs fiber optic cable can be used for a multitude of application simultaneously.

Splicing With Precision

The installation of fiber optic cable is one thing, most contractors just do the install, we go way further by splicing and terminating the fibers, and that's not all, when the project and/or the customer require that we certify it, then we provide the fiber optic tested and certified.

Fiber Optic Installation

With directional drilling


We have been installing fiber optics conductors in the private sector with great success, achieving the project's goals set by our customers all around Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

With the rapid growing of the industrial and commercial sector in Texas, grows the need for fiber optics connectivity.

Whether it needs to be an underground install, aerial or in-buildings, FNC services offers the right solution for you, reach out to us today and request a quote today.

Underground conduit installation

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